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Will Umbrella Insurance Cover Me If I Am Sued?

Accidents happen despite our best efforts to prevent them, so we buy insurance to protect ourselves and our families against those unforeseen events. Umbrella insurance is an underappreciated form of insurance because it supplements our other insurance policies while protecting us when facing certain legal situations. If you want to learn how you might benefit from an umbrella insurance policy, contact the O’Mahony Insurance Agency LLC team, which serves those in the Macon, GA, area.

How Umbrella Insurance Protects You When Sued

Home, auto, and similar insurance policies cover damages to property and liabilities when policyholders are found at fault for injuries or damages others suffer at their residence or involving their vehicle. Each policy covers the liabilities up to an established limit, and umbrella insurance covers liabilities exceeding a primary policy’s limits up to the umbrella policy’s limit.

The primary policies also protect certain lawsuits, and umbrella insurance extends the coverage in those situations. Umbrella insurance also covers legal costs when you or someone in your household is sued for:

  • Slander, defamation, and libel
  • Invasion of privacy
  • Wrongful eviction and entry
  • Malicious prosecution and false imprisonment

Personal umbrella insurance provides broad coverage but does not cover business and professional activities or liabilities resulting from a contract. It also does not cover harm resulting from criminal or intentional behavior. 

Like all insurance, you should discuss the specifics of your umbrella coverage with your insurance agent.

Working With O’Mahony Insurance Agency LLC

Knowing that you and your family are protected in a world where anything can happen is comforting. If you live in or near Macon, GA, and want to discuss umbrella or other insurance, stop by or call us at (478) 464-0206 to speak with the O’Mahony Insurance Agency LLC team.

Umbrella Insurance in Estate Planning: Protecting Your Legacy

Here at O’Mahony Insurance Agency LLC, our dedication lies in preserving legacies through comprehensive estate planning, specifically serving Macon, GA and its neighboring communities. Although wills and trusts are fundamental, the often-forgotten umbrella insurance assumes a crucial role in bolstering these strategies. Recognizing its impact, we’ve observed its ability to extend coverage beyond standard policies, safeguarding against unforeseen events such as lawsuits and liability claims.

5 Ways Umbrella Insurance Enhances Your Estate Plan

  1. Comprehensive Asset Protection: Beyond standard coverage, umbrella insurance acts as a financial safety net, securing your assets for future generations and safeguarding against potential risks.

  2. Future Income Security: It not only protects current assets but shields future earnings. In cases where liabilities surpass primary policy limits, this coverage preserves your wealth, minimizing impacts on your estate.

  3. Extended Liability Coverage: Offering an additional layer of protection, umbrella insurance bridges gaps where primary policies fall short, mitigating financial risks and ensuring your legacy remains intact.

  4. Tailored Solutions: Understanding the nuances of insurance laws, our team specializes in crafting umbrella insurance solutions tailored to your specific estate planning needs.

  5. Proactive Legacy Preservation: Integrating umbrella insurance into your estate plan is a proactive step. Contact us to explore how this coverage fortifies your strategy and offers comprehensive protection for your family’s future.

Secure Your Legacy with Our Agency Today!

Estate planning isn’t solely about wills and trusts; it’s about safeguarding what you’ve built for the future. Let our agency, O’Mahony Insurance Agency LLC, serving Macon, GA and surrounding areas, provide tailored umbrella insurance solutions to secure your legacy and offer peace of mind for generations to come. Contact us today to explore how this coverage fortifies your strategy and offers comprehensive protection for your family’s future.

Do Private Contractors Need Umbrella Insurance?

As a contractor, you know that you need to protect your business against the unexpected, but it can be tough to figure out exactly what type of insurance makes sense for your business. At O’Mahony Insurance Agency LLC, we’re proud to serve Macon, GA area contractors with the coverage necessary to keep your business running.

Umbrella Insurance Considerations

Consideration #1: Contracts

Often, private contractors choose to purchase umbrella insurance because it’s required by a client. This is especially common when working with businesses and large organizations. If one of your contracts requires umbrella insurance, be sure to note the required coverage amount to ensure that you’re staying within the limits of your agreement. 

Consideration #2: Claim Frequency Potential

No matter how safe you work to stay on the job, private contractors are more likely to have to utilize insurance policies due to the nature of your work. Contractors don’t just have to shell out if something goes wrong–you’ll also need to pay for any damage caused by an accident, which can add up quickly. 

Consideration #3: Litigation Likelihood 

Unfortunately, construction can be a tough business when it comes to legal issues, and it’s important to ensure that your business is prepared. Umbrella insurance can work to give you the peace of mind you need to focus on your business without worrying about your insurance coverage.

Consult With Us

As a Macon, GA contractor, it’s key that you have the umbrella insurance coverage that you need to keep your business protected. Reach out to O’Mahony Insurance Agency LLC today to learn how we can provide you with the coverage you need. 

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