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Georgia Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

Motorcycle Insurance in Georgia

Georgia offers some of the prettiest scenery in the country. The scenery is viewable along the longest and, at times, the emptiest roads in the state. It's easy to see how riding a motorcycle through it is a treat.

Working with a reliable insurance agency and being educated about motorcycle insurance can provide some benefits. For instance, Georgia is an at-fault state, meaning that you pay for it if you're found to have caused an accident. At O'Mahony Insurance Agency LLC of Macon, GA, we want you to know about motorcycle insurance in Georgia and why you should choose us as your insurance agency.

Insurance Is Required

Many bikers own cars as well as their motorcycles. The state requires that everyone carries car insurance. This is the same for motorcycles. Cyclists must carry proof of insurance on their persons when riding their bikes. If drivers have no insurance, they are liable for damages in an accident and tickets.

How Much Insurance Is Required?

The minimum requirements are 25-50-25, meaning coverage for bodily injury or death per person, per accident, and property damage liability coverage. This is more than most states require, and drivers are encouraged to carry guest passengers with comprehensive and collision coverage just to be safe. Drop by the office to learn more about motorcycle insurance.

Why Motorcycle Insurance?

If you are found to be at fault in a motorcycle accident, you must prove you are financially responsible. This means you have the money to pay for damages, lost wages, medical bills, and more. Motorcycle insurance is one method of proving financial responsibility, with auto insurance adding weight to the claim. Together, the accident victims can be medically and financially protected.

Anything Else?

Yes. The bike must be roadworthy (having a headlight, mirror, turn signals, and a muffler.) The motorcycle must be properly licensed, and helmeted drivers must obey all pertinent driving laws.

O'Mahony Insurance Agency LLC in Macon, GA will happily ensure your bike is covered in any eventuality. Come on in or call. We're here for you.

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