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What Types of Boat Coverage Is Available?

Protecting your boat has to be a priority when it comes to taking your vehicle out on the water. Even in storage, proper coverage helps minimize the risk of financial loss. The key is having the right balance of coverage to fit your specific needs. At O’Mahony Insurance Agency LLC, we help clients in Macon, GA and the surrounding area to get the coverage right to protect their investment.

Consider the Range of Policy Options That May Be Available to You

A customized quote designed to address your specific needs is key. Our independent insurance agent can help you navigate options, including:

  • Watercraft medical payment coverage to cover the costs related to injuries or funeral expenses suffered by you or anyone on your boat.
  • Uninsured watercraft coverage could help cover injuries sustained due to an accident with another boater who lacks insurance.
  • Watercraft liability insurance helps cover costs another person suffers when you cause damage to them
  • Repair cost endorsement coverage may help to provide higher coverage for your boat, the motor, trailer, and other boat equipment up to the limits of the policy
  • Personal effects coverage to help cover fishing equipment if it is stolen or lost
  • Agreed value option, which will provide coverage up to a value you agree on regardless of the boat’s current market value 
  • Emergency service coverage, which could help with towing, breakdown costs, delivery of fuel or a battery, or other needs if you break down
  • Boat trailer coverage which could help cover damage to your trailer

Each policy option here could be modified to fit your needs. With so many options, speaking to an agent is often the best way to ensure you get a policy that fits your goals and stays within your budget.

Let Us Help You Today

Contact O’Mahony Insurance Agency LLC now for a quote for boat insurance in the Macon, GA area.

What is Roadside Assistance Insurance?

You probably already know how important it is to carry adequate car insurance. But did you know that adding roadside assistance coverage can give you added peace of mind? Whether you’re enjoying the beautiful architecture in downtown Macon, GA or taking a leisurely drive through the surrounding countryside, you’ll want to make sure you always have adequate car insurance.

What is Roadside Assistance?

Roadside Assistance is considered an add-on type of coverage. It would often include services such as towing or help with changing a flat tire. Depending on the specifics of each policy, other services might include locksmith services, a battery jumpstart, and fuel delivery. Some policies may even provide roadside assistance at your home. An example would be if your car wouldn’t start. With a simple phone call, you will have the assistance you need.

Why Might You Need the Coverage?

Flat tires and other types of car emergencies can happen to anyone. There are several reasons you might want to add roadside assistance coverage to your insurance policy.

  • If you drive a lot, especially for work-related reasons.
  • If you take a lot of road trips.
  • If you own an older vehicle.
  • If you have physical ailments that would make it difficult to walk far or make car repairs.
  • If you don’t have experience making basic car repairs or changing tires.
  • If you’re concerned about the potential costs of towing or other types of roadside assistance.

O’Mahony Insurance Agency LLC Is Here To Help!

O’Mahony Insurance Agency LLC in Macon, GA provides customers with a wide variety of insurance. If you’re looking for roadside assistance or other types of coverage, we can help you find the right coverage for your vehicle. Call us today for more information.

Do Private Contractors Need Umbrella Insurance?

As a contractor, you know that you need to protect your business against the unexpected, but it can be tough to figure out exactly what type of insurance makes sense for your business. At O’Mahony Insurance Agency LLC, we’re proud to serve Macon, GA area contractors with the coverage necessary to keep your business running.

Umbrella Insurance Considerations

Consideration #1: Contracts

Often, private contractors choose to purchase umbrella insurance because it’s required by a client. This is especially common when working with businesses and large organizations. If one of your contracts requires umbrella insurance, be sure to note the required coverage amount to ensure that you’re staying within the limits of your agreement. 

Consideration #2: Claim Frequency Potential

No matter how safe you work to stay on the job, private contractors are more likely to have to utilize insurance policies due to the nature of your work. Contractors don’t just have to shell out if something goes wrong–you’ll also need to pay for any damage caused by an accident, which can add up quickly. 

Consideration #3: Litigation Likelihood 

Unfortunately, construction can be a tough business when it comes to legal issues, and it’s important to ensure that your business is prepared. Umbrella insurance can work to give you the peace of mind you need to focus on your business without worrying about your insurance coverage.

Consult With Us

As a Macon, GA contractor, it’s key that you have the umbrella insurance coverage that you need to keep your business protected. Reach out to O’Mahony Insurance Agency LLC today to learn how we can provide you with the coverage you need. 

Does Water in Your Basement Necessitate a Home Insurance Claim?

Stepping into the basement and seeing inches of water is enough to make any homeowner panic. Thankfully, homeowners insurance may cover the damage to your basement in some situations. At O’Mahony Insurance Agency LLC, serving the greater Macon, GA community, we’re here to provide you with the home insurance coverage that you need to rest assured that your home is protected. 

Home Insurance and Basement Water

If you have water in your basement and are interested in filing a home insurance claim, it’s important to talk directly with your home insurance company to learn more about your coverage. Typically, homeowner’s insurance policies cover damage to basements due to water that comes from burst pipes or broken plumbing appliances (such as a leaky washer).

It’s important to note, however, that insurance typically only covers damage to the home and not the appliances that caused the damage. Basement water issues due to negligence (such as neglecting to fix a sink that’s been leaking for some time) are also typically not covered by home insurance policies. 

Water in the basement that comes from flooding or groundwater after heavy rains is typically not covered by home insurance policies. Generally, if the water in your basement is caused by an issue within your home, it’s usually covered by homeowner’s insurance. If the water is caused by an issue outside of your home, it’s typically not covered. 

We Can Help!

At O’Mahony Insurance Agency LLC, we’re proud to serve Macon, GA homeowners with the policies that they need to rest assured that their homes are protected. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help.

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