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Auto Insurance in the State of Georgia

In the state of Georgia, auto insurance is a legal requirement. The cost can vary, with some sources stating it is more expensive compared to other states while others maintain it is less costly. Regardless, all drivers in Georgia are obliged by law to have liability insurance. This safeguards them financially and any other individuals involved in an accident. Insurance is a must if you intend to drive in the Peach Tree State. It is also crucial to be aware of certain other stipulations.

Auto Insurance in Georgia

The State of Georgia mandates a minimum coverage of 25/50/25 for drivers. This split limit bifurcates the available coverage amounts into per-person, per-accident, and property damages. Additionally, Georgia operates as a diminished value state. This indicates that drivers have the right to reclaim diminished value from the at-fault party’s insurance company. Therefore, the requisites include not being at fault for the accident, being supported by appropriate documentation, possessing a vehicle with a market value of over 7,000 dollars, and having a low to average mileage.

Moreover, the vehicle should incur more than $500 in property damage, have a clean title, and be less than ten years old. Failure to provide proof of insurance in Georgia can lead to a $25 fine, which may rise significantly if not paid swiftly. The offender may also face up to a year in jail, a license suspension stretching between 60 to 90 days, or vehicle impoundment.

O’Mahony Insurance Agency LLC, Serving Macon, GA

If you reside in the Macon, GA, area and require auto insurance, please contact O’Mahony Insurance Agency LLC. Our proficient, experienced, and amiable agents will go above and beyond to help you find the policy that is ideally suited for you.

Will Umbrella Insurance Cover Me If I Am Sued?

Accidents happen despite our best efforts to prevent them, so we buy insurance to protect ourselves and our families against those unforeseen events. Umbrella insurance is an underappreciated form of insurance because it supplements our other insurance policies while protecting us when facing certain legal situations. If you want to learn how you might benefit from an umbrella insurance policy, contact the O’Mahony Insurance Agency LLC team, which serves those in the Macon, GA, area.

How Umbrella Insurance Protects You When Sued

Home, auto, and similar insurance policies cover damages to property and liabilities when policyholders are found at fault for injuries or damages others suffer at their residence or involving their vehicle. Each policy covers the liabilities up to an established limit, and umbrella insurance covers liabilities exceeding a primary policy’s limits up to the umbrella policy’s limit.

The primary policies also protect certain lawsuits, and umbrella insurance extends the coverage in those situations. Umbrella insurance also covers legal costs when you or someone in your household is sued for:

  • Slander, defamation, and libel
  • Invasion of privacy
  • Wrongful eviction and entry
  • Malicious prosecution and false imprisonment

Personal umbrella insurance provides broad coverage but does not cover business and professional activities or liabilities resulting from a contract. It also does not cover harm resulting from criminal or intentional behavior. 

Like all insurance, you should discuss the specifics of your umbrella coverage with your insurance agent.

Working With O’Mahony Insurance Agency LLC

Knowing that you and your family are protected in a world where anything can happen is comforting. If you live in or near Macon, GA, and want to discuss umbrella or other insurance, stop by or call us at (478) 464-0206 to speak with the O’Mahony Insurance Agency LLC team.

When is it a good idea to get home insurance in Georgia?

If you live in the Macon, GA, area, you should consider owning your own home. Being a property owner here will provide various long-term benefits and advantages. If you choose to buy a house when you are in the area, it would also be smart to get insurance for it. There are a lot of scenarios when it is smart to get home coverage. 

When Trying to Secure Finances

A situation when you want to get a home insurance plan in Georgia is when you are trying to secure your personal finances. Your home is the most valuable asset you will likely ever own, and the best way to cover it is with home insurance, which offers support if the property is damaged in various situations. Further, a plan will provide personal liability coverage and cover personal items you own. 

When Taking out a Mortgage

It would be best if you also considered getting a home insurance policy when taking out a mortgage. Many people in this state will finance their home purchase with a mortgage. While this can help you buy a home, it does come with some requirements. One common obligation is to get insurance. You will likely have specific insurance requirements set by the lender and may also need to establish escrows. 

Getting home insurance in Macon, GA is always a good idea. If you are looking to buy a home when you are here, it can be smart to call our professionals with O’Mahony Insurance Agency LLC. Our team with O’Mahony Insurance Agency LLC will give any guidance you need to select a policy that meets your needs and will cover your home the right way. 

Four things to know about boat insurance in Georgia

It’s important that boat owners know how to meet their insurance needs in Macon, GA. At O’Mahony Insurance Agency LLC, we can help you find the right boat insurance coverage in Georgia for your situation.

The following are four things to know about boat insurance in Georgia.  

Boat insurance policies don’t usually cover you wherever you go.

Boat owners need to pay attention to their policy’s geographic and navigational limits. If you take your boat far from home, you might not be covered for accident damages by your insurance policy. Ensure that your policy’s navigational limits don’t make it so that you aren’t covered in areas where you use your boat frequently. 

There are numerous types of boat insurance coverage available.

When you buy boat insurance, you can choose whether to include medical payments coverage, physical damage coverage, and uninsured boater coverage on your policy. Make sure you understand the different coverage types when choosing your policy. 

You usually have a few deductible amounts to choose from when you buy boat insurance.

Review your deductible options carefully when you buy boat insurance. Policies typically offer a few deductible amounts from which you should choose depending on your boat use habits and financial situation. 

Boat insurance is required at many Georgia marinas.

According to law, you don’t have to carry boat insurance as a Georgia boat owner. However, you probably need to have boat insurance if you plan to keep your boat at a marina. Most marinas require all boats stored at their facilities to be insured. 

Do you need to get a quote on a boat insurance policy in Macon, GA? Call us today at O’Mahony Insurance Agency LLC, and we can help. 

High-Risk Auto Insurance

Essentials of High-Risk Auto Insurance in Georgia

Certain drivers in Georgia need non-standard car insurance, commonly known as high-risk auto insurance. O’Mahony Insurance caters to high-risk drivers across Macon, GA, and the entire state. Whether you have been categorized as a high-risk driver owing to traffic offences or are a new driver, here is where high-risk auto insurance comes into play.

Reasons for Needing High-Risk Auto Insurance

  • SR-22 Requirement: If you are required by the State of Georgia to demonstrate financial responsibility due to a DUI conviction, an arrest for driving without insurance, or an accumulation of multiple tickets, high-risk auto insurance is mandatory to drive again legally.
  • Record of Traffic Offenses: If you have accumulated many tickets, suffer from a DUI conviction, or have more than two accidents in your claim history, you may require high-risk auto insurance. This applies even without an SR-22 requirement.
  • New Drivers: Auto insurance generally costs more until age 25, categorizing young drivers as ‘high-risk.’
  • License Suspension or Revocation: If your license has been suspended or revoked for any reason, you might be perceived as a high-risk driver. This category can also include individuals with low credit scores.

Getting the most affordable high-risk auto insurance demands the expertise of experienced agents like us at O’Mahony Insurance Agency LLC. We will assist you in finding the coverage you require now and guide you in improving your driving record. Remember, driving without insurance is illegal. O’Mahony Insurance Agency LLC is here to help you find suitable coverage at the best feasible price.

Umbrella Insurance in Estate Planning: Protecting Your Legacy

Here at O’Mahony Insurance Agency LLC, our dedication lies in preserving legacies through comprehensive estate planning, specifically serving Macon, GA and its neighboring communities. Although wills and trusts are fundamental, the often-forgotten umbrella insurance assumes a crucial role in bolstering these strategies. Recognizing its impact, we’ve observed its ability to extend coverage beyond standard policies, safeguarding against unforeseen events such as lawsuits and liability claims.

5 Ways Umbrella Insurance Enhances Your Estate Plan

  1. Comprehensive Asset Protection: Beyond standard coverage, umbrella insurance acts as a financial safety net, securing your assets for future generations and safeguarding against potential risks.

  2. Future Income Security: It not only protects current assets but shields future earnings. In cases where liabilities surpass primary policy limits, this coverage preserves your wealth, minimizing impacts on your estate.

  3. Extended Liability Coverage: Offering an additional layer of protection, umbrella insurance bridges gaps where primary policies fall short, mitigating financial risks and ensuring your legacy remains intact.

  4. Tailored Solutions: Understanding the nuances of insurance laws, our team specializes in crafting umbrella insurance solutions tailored to your specific estate planning needs.

  5. Proactive Legacy Preservation: Integrating umbrella insurance into your estate plan is a proactive step. Contact us to explore how this coverage fortifies your strategy and offers comprehensive protection for your family’s future.

Secure Your Legacy with Our Agency Today!

Estate planning isn’t solely about wills and trusts; it’s about safeguarding what you’ve built for the future. Let our agency, O’Mahony Insurance Agency LLC, serving Macon, GA and surrounding areas, provide tailored umbrella insurance solutions to secure your legacy and offer peace of mind for generations to come. Contact us today to explore how this coverage fortifies your strategy and offers comprehensive protection for your family’s future.

Why every homeowner needs a home inventory

Bad things happen, even to good people, and being prepared with the right home insurance can make all the difference. In Macon, GA, our experienced agents at O’Mahony Insurance Agency LLC know what it takes to protect our customers, and having a home inventory is one of those things. 

If your home is damaged by a covered hazard, your content may be severely damaged. It is hard to remember everything that you had when your possessions are spread over two counties, which can happen with a tornado. Your home inventory will be accepted as verification of what you had, which makes it a very important document. 

What is a home inventory?

A home inventory is a listing of the contents of your home. It takes into account all the things in every room. Try to imagine thinking about what was in a closet when the closet no longer exists. Not an easy task, especially if you are living through the trauma of losing your home. 

Taking a detailed inventory of every room in your home with photos to back it up, can make the aftermath of a hazard much easier to deal with. It does take a little time to make a home inventory, but if you ever need it, you will be very grateful that you took the time to make it. 

Attach any receipts or invoices that you have and give as much detail as possible in the write-up. Then store your inventory away from your home in a safe place so that if the need arises, it will be there for you. 

Call Today To Discuss Your Options

Contact O’Mahony Insurance Agency LLC in Macon, GA when you need to discuss your home insurance coverage. As independent insurance agents, we have access to more options and the best rates to provide our customers with the choices they deserve. 

What Types of Boat Coverage Is Available?

Protecting your boat has to be a priority when it comes to taking your vehicle out on the water. Even in storage, proper coverage helps minimize the risk of financial loss. The key is having the right balance of coverage to fit your specific needs. At O’Mahony Insurance Agency LLC, we help clients in Macon, GA and the surrounding area to get the coverage right to protect their investment.

Consider the Range of Policy Options That May Be Available to You

A customized quote designed to address your specific needs is key. Our independent insurance agent can help you navigate options, including:

  • Watercraft medical payment coverage to cover the costs related to injuries or funeral expenses suffered by you or anyone on your boat.
  • Uninsured watercraft coverage could help cover injuries sustained due to an accident with another boater who lacks insurance.
  • Watercraft liability insurance helps cover costs another person suffers when you cause damage to them
  • Repair cost endorsement coverage may help to provide higher coverage for your boat, the motor, trailer, and other boat equipment up to the limits of the policy
  • Personal effects coverage to help cover fishing equipment if it is stolen or lost
  • Agreed value option, which will provide coverage up to a value you agree on regardless of the boat’s current market value 
  • Emergency service coverage, which could help with towing, breakdown costs, delivery of fuel or a battery, or other needs if you break down
  • Boat trailer coverage which could help cover damage to your trailer

Each policy option here could be modified to fit your needs. With so many options, speaking to an agent is often the best way to ensure you get a policy that fits your goals and stays within your budget.

Let Us Help You Today

Contact O’Mahony Insurance Agency LLC now for a quote for boat insurance in the Macon, GA area.

What is Roadside Assistance Insurance?

You probably already know how important it is to carry adequate car insurance. But did you know that adding roadside assistance coverage can give you added peace of mind? Whether you’re enjoying the beautiful architecture in downtown Macon, GA or taking a leisurely drive through the surrounding countryside, you’ll want to make sure you always have adequate car insurance.

What is Roadside Assistance?

Roadside Assistance is considered an add-on type of coverage. It would often include services such as towing or help with changing a flat tire. Depending on the specifics of each policy, other services might include locksmith services, a battery jumpstart, and fuel delivery. Some policies may even provide roadside assistance at your home. An example would be if your car wouldn’t start. With a simple phone call, you will have the assistance you need.

Why Might You Need the Coverage?

Flat tires and other types of car emergencies can happen to anyone. There are several reasons you might want to add roadside assistance coverage to your insurance policy.

  • If you drive a lot, especially for work-related reasons.
  • If you take a lot of road trips.
  • If you own an older vehicle.
  • If you have physical ailments that would make it difficult to walk far or make car repairs.
  • If you don’t have experience making basic car repairs or changing tires.
  • If you’re concerned about the potential costs of towing or other types of roadside assistance.

O’Mahony Insurance Agency LLC Is Here To Help!

O’Mahony Insurance Agency LLC in Macon, GA provides customers with a wide variety of insurance. If you’re looking for roadside assistance or other types of coverage, we can help you find the right coverage for your vehicle. Call us today for more information.

Do Private Contractors Need Umbrella Insurance?

As a contractor, you know that you need to protect your business against the unexpected, but it can be tough to figure out exactly what type of insurance makes sense for your business. At O’Mahony Insurance Agency LLC, we’re proud to serve Macon, GA area contractors with the coverage necessary to keep your business running.

Umbrella Insurance Considerations

Consideration #1: Contracts

Often, private contractors choose to purchase umbrella insurance because it’s required by a client. This is especially common when working with businesses and large organizations. If one of your contracts requires umbrella insurance, be sure to note the required coverage amount to ensure that you’re staying within the limits of your agreement. 

Consideration #2: Claim Frequency Potential

No matter how safe you work to stay on the job, private contractors are more likely to have to utilize insurance policies due to the nature of your work. Contractors don’t just have to shell out if something goes wrong–you’ll also need to pay for any damage caused by an accident, which can add up quickly. 

Consideration #3: Litigation Likelihood 

Unfortunately, construction can be a tough business when it comes to legal issues, and it’s important to ensure that your business is prepared. Umbrella insurance can work to give you the peace of mind you need to focus on your business without worrying about your insurance coverage.

Consult With Us

As a Macon, GA contractor, it’s key that you have the umbrella insurance coverage that you need to keep your business protected. Reach out to O’Mahony Insurance Agency LLC today to learn how we can provide you with the coverage you need. 

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